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Parallel Lines


My name is Victor Babb

I don't work for the dealership. I work for you.


Auto Broker

Auto Broker

 We work hard to get you the best deal on new and used cars from our dealer network.  It doesn't matter if you plan to lease, finance, or pay cash, we have a proven reputation of securing the best deal for our clients. Unlike other companies we will be with you through every step of the transaction.  At CG55, we are  your sales consultant.  Ask about our delivery options which allows you to stay within the comfort of your own home or business.  You won't ever have to walk into a dealership again, we do all the work for you (Only available on certain new car purchases).


A good credit score is the best way to ensure you won't overpay for a car loan. We can give you tips on how to improve your credit quickly.


Whether you're a first time buyer or live in a neighborhood where auto premiums are high, we understand that some buyers need help lowering their insurance costs. Our staff will help you find affordable insurance options through our network of insurance companies and brokers.

Body & Service Repair

When one of our clients has a problem with their car, we take it seriously.  Automobile issues or tragic accidents can cause inconvenience, stress, and financial hardship. We have the knowledge, contacts, relationships, and access to a variety of vendors to get you quality assistance at an affordable price. 

Auto Shipping & Transport

We have clients who purchase cars in one location but need to ship it to another.  This can be expensive and stressful.  CG5 will assist you in finding affordable shipment pricing of your vehicle by using our wide network of companies. 

LifeGuide 5Five Career And Coaching


CarGuide 5Five is always looking for new partners to connect with and people looking to advance their careers. Not only do I help my clients save money, but I'm also in the business of helping people make money and enjoy a better quality of life.


What we've been able to do is mix life coaching, sales training, business networking, relationship consulting, and job referrals. I like to explain the process I've developed in 1 phrase. I call it "A Business Holistic Elixer" LifeGuide 5Five, if you will.


When I started CarGuide 5Five, I aimed to leverage my relationships in the car industry to provide my clients with the best deals and superior service. Now we also help people find the best versions of themselves, which usually translates into success.

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